Tech Support

2. Step / Procedure to connect FTP Servers.

2.1 Applications to have in your PC.

2.1.a For Windows

  1. winscp -- link to download the binary
  2. filezilla -- link to download the binary
  3. or you can use FTP command from windows.

Steps to Access the FTP Server, after installing winscp.

  1. Open the winscp from Desktop/Program Menu.
    Winscp FTP Main window
  2. Click on New Button, you will be asked to Enter the host name, username, & to select the connection type.
    Winscp FTP HOST window

    Winscp FTP HOST Entry window
  3. Once you enter the required details in window, click on Login. Now you will be asked to enter the passowrd.
    Winscp FTP Password
  4. Once the password is entered you will be opened with FTP window.
    Winscp FTP window