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Sonic Chips introduces the industry’s first portfolio of Analog Audio Signal Processors that incorporate iQS™ 3D surround technology truly reproducing the 3D sound field. Our solution can be used to enhance sound in mono, stereo, and multichannel surround along with programmable sound stages with no requirements of assigned placement of speakers or wall reflections. Sonic Chips has a truly unique and new audio processing technology far superior to comparative solutions in the market today.

In addition to surround sound, it improves the sound definition and resolution, accurately reproducing the original position of the recorded sound. Soniq iQS™ 3D delivers a high quality, impactful surround sound experience using minimal number of speakers from any sound source, including television, DVD/ CD, MP3 Players, analog stereo and games.

Soniq iQS™ processors provide a very cost effective solution as to the high costs associated with ADCs, DSPs and DACs are eliminated.