Rosavvi - Founded by a team consisting of 500 plus man years of Engineering & Consulting expertise. This team has successfully taken several products to market and have shipped millions of devices. Rosavvi is a global product design services and solutions company that provides end-to-end Product Engineering, VLSI design and System Design services for various key industry verticals like Consumer Electronics, Networking, Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE), and Communication. Rosavvi's elite team is comprised of members with experience and skills in Digital/ Mixed-Signal SOC design, Analog, FPGA, System design, Embedded Software Services and IT services like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) models.

Our customers achieve their business objectives of Cost Competitiveness, Robust Innovation and Shorter Time-To-Market by leveraging our "Amplified Outsourcing Model", Operational Excellence, and uncompromising commitment to Quality.

Our unique value proposition is characterized by rigorous project management, quality assurance and customer centric approach.

The engineering and delivery teams in Rosavvi work together by combining innovation, flexibility, speed and efficiency. We are committed to delivering top-quality products and services, enabling our customers to reduce their costs as well as improve productivity and overall Return on Investment.