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4. Client Setup of SVN over SSH.

4.2 SVN over SSH, Client Setup Under Windows OS.

4.2.a Downloading the required SVN Client software for windows.

I could figure out the best svn client (Trotise SVN) and tried on windows (please let me know, if you any other good / better svn client for windows), you can download it from the following link .
Now install the trotise-svn software on your Windows OS. Once the installation is completed you need to do some setting as your server is having customized SSH port no.

4.2.b Setting up customized SSH port no for windows at Client end.

  • Now go to your local folder in windows where you want to download the repository or anywhere in explorer click there right mouse button. Go to TrotiseSVN → Settings. Click on Settings. SVN: Selecting Settings
  • Once the setting windows opens go to Network option on the right side panel of the window. And add a line "C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoisePlink -P xxxx" at right side panel of the window under SSH client: See the below picture. You can get the Port number from your system admin. SVN: Setting up SSH Port. Click on ok and close the window.

4.2.c Steps to Checkout

  • Now before you do checkout you can try with repo-browser option available in TrotiseSVN. For this you need to right click → go to TrotiseSVN → then click on Repo-Browser. SVN: Entering repo path Once URL window opens, Please type the repos path and click on OK.
    "Example of Repos path will be as follows, URL: svn+ssh:// (in office network or with vpn)
    and URL out of office: svn+ssh://".
    You can get the Repository path from your Team lead Person or IT Admin..

  • Now you will get the window asking you to enter the Username. SVN: Asking to enter Username Please type the user name, Note: this username is not displayed once you click on OK button the username will be displayed on the next window when it ask for password. SVN: Asking to enter Password Password enter will repeat for 3 to 4 times.
  • Once the Password authentication completes, you will be displayed with my_world folder in Repository browser. SVN: Display downloaded Repo Folder in browser
  • Now to Checkout the Data Right Click on explorer and Select on SVNCheckout SVN: Download the folder from main repo As soon you click on checkout, a window will be displayed asking to enter the repository path. Once you enter repository path and click on OK. It starts to download the Repository folder from the server. SVN: Download the folder from main repo SVN: Download the folder from main repo And lastly you can see in below picture that the folder is downloaded with folder icon having highlighted with green tick mark.
    SVN: Displaying downloaded repo folder

4.2.d Steps to Add & Commit in Winodws OS.

  • Once that you add new folder / files in my_world folder. Right click and go to TrotiseSVN → Click on Add.. Button. SVN: Adding of new folder / file to repository
  • You will be displayed with window asking to add the file / folders that you just created in my_world folder SVN: Adding of folder/files to repository SVN: Finishing of adding to repository
  • Now you can see that the tst2 folder is added and ready to commit. SVN: Folder ready to commit.
  • Now right click mouse button and select SVN Commit. As shown in below picture. SVN: Ready to commit.
  • Now enter message in message window and click ok to update the repository. As shown in below picture. SVN: Entering message in commit window.
  • Once you click ok button, it will ask you for username & password for authentication.
    SVN: Requesting for username
    SVN: Requesting for password
    SVN: Finishing of adding Data to Repository
  • Now the below picture shows that the tst2 folder is added to repository.
    SVN: Added folder to repository.

4.2.e Save your username and password in Trotisesvn

Hi Users, getting tired of giving username & password more than one time. Finally you have a solution for this. Let me explain you what to do.

  1. Go to trotisesvn settings, you know how.
  2. Click on Network setting in the left panel of the setting windows.
  3. At right side panel you can see the line which you added in the beginning for customizing of SSH Port no, add some more command option with that. Which I am going to show in below Picture SVN: Setting username password in svn